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    Passive Motion Traction
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    Hot Pack Therapy
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  • Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents cause trauma to the body and can potentially damage your body’s structural balance by causing subluxations. Subluxations are slight structural distortions that create stress. This stress impinges, stretches or compresses your nerves, affecting muslces, internal organs, glands, discs, bones and even the brain.

Accident victims can continue to suffer from pain, weakness and disability for months, years or decades after the trauma. Post-accident conditions may include some of the following symptoms, spasms and pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, legs, back and face.

Chiropractic care can help to eliminate or greatly reduce the problems, following an auto accident, safely, quickly and without the use of drugs.

  • Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Chronic back or neck pain results when a disc is displaced and irritates the spinal nerves. Chiorpctic care focuses on relieving or curing the pain with the practice of spinal manipulation. Through the use of spinal manipulation, Dr. Howard focuses on realigning the vertebrae which brings about normal spinal mobility and alleviates the irritation to the spinal nerve.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

People who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may be experiencing one or more of the following symptoms: tingling and numbness in the hands, fingers and wrists; swelling of the fingers; or pain so intense that it awakens you at night. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by nerve pinching or impingement caused by repetitive actions of the wrist, fingers and arms. Dr. Howard focuses his treatment on manipulating the wrists, arms, elbows and upper region of the spinal cord to release the nerve impingement.

  • Children

Children, much the same of adults, can benefit from chiropractic care. Dr. Howard’s adjusting techniques are modified to fit a child’s size, weight, and unique spinal problem. It is important to know that many spinal problems seen in adults begin in childhood. The process of birth can stress a still developing spine. Irritation to the nervous system can be the cause of newborn health problems such as colic, unexplained crying, poor appetite, breathing problems and even allergic reactions. As the baby develops it is important to follow up with chiropractic care during the stages of head support, crawling and baby’s first steps. Childhood is a time full of falls, bumps and bruises all which could have an effect on a developing spine and nervous system. Regular chiropractic care can detect spinal problems in their earliest stage and eliminate future problems in adulthood.

  • Headaches

Many headache sufferers turn to chiropractic due to its natural, drug-free approach. Chiropractic treatment can decrease the frequency and length of headaches as well as the number of painkillers needed for relief. Cervical subluxations are often found in headache sufferers. Dr. Howard is trained to identify and treat subluxations which many times may be causing serious harm to your body. Drugs can help with the pain but do nothing to fix the problem. Tension, stress and accidents are all forms of emotional and physical stress that can cause your spine and body to develop a subluxation resulting in headache pain. Don’t suffer with chronic headache pain; seek out the natural drug-free approach of chiropractic treatment.

  • Pregnancy

Many expecting mothers will experience back pain during their pregnancy. Chiropractic care is a safe, drug-free alternative for the pains associated with pregnancy. Chiropractic treatment will help to ensure that all body systems function properly especially the reproductive system including the uterus, ovaries and organs so essential for a healthy pregnancy. During pregnancy, every woman needs to focus on having her body as healthy, strong and pain-free as possible. Chiropractic has demonstrated success with back pain, premature contractions and back labor.

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